• Dutchess vs. Bonnie Godiva - Dutchess WIGS OUT on Bonnie Godiva (Blog)

    Dutchess vs. Bonnie Godiva - Dutchess WIGS OUT on Bonnie Godiva (Blog)

Dutchess vs. Bonnie Godiva, January 4, 2014

Dutchess and Bonnie will go toe to toe on the New World Order card, Hosted by media personality Star from Star and Bucwild.

Dutchess addresses Bonnie and other Queen Of The Ring battler’s in this video.


Dutchess is a native Puerto Rican born in the heart of where hip-hop started — the Bronx, NY.

Intrigued by writing and expressing her feelings through music and poetry, Dutchess began recording music at the young age of 11.

In 2010 this young professional was introduced to the battle rap scene where she had her first compatetion on the Queen Of The Ring Stage.

She then graduated to the all female booking agency Barz N Brastrapz where she gets booked for venues in New York as well as out of state.

Dutchess has battled many big names and had fiercely conquered the world of battle rap with her aggression and wicked bars.

Dutchess latest project on the way is called “Queen Of New York” which will show her versatility and her passion for all types of music.

“I just go hard at it all, I love both music and battle rap and I enjoy them together.”

I’m just ready to be number 1 as a battle rapper, number 1 as an artist and number 1 period.

Bonnie Godiva

Queen of the Ring’s Bonnie Godiva takes on a sophisticated and elegant approach, but her crafty wordplay is not to be overlooked.

Her refined and classy   image does nothing but put you in awe when you hear the clever bars this Queen brings with every battle.

Bonnie has been building on her talent since she was 15 even winning a few Open Mic Slam Poetry contests.

She’s demanded her way in the battle world and recently made a CLASSIC with Star Smilez which was her best thus far.

She has built a name for herself with the Queen of the Ring, and the name is now  BUZZING.

“Progression is the Key,” is the motto Bonnie lives by as she continually grows each battle to be a better Emcee.

With bars like “I’ll bang the hammer at her knees like I’m checking her reflex,” you have to see why the First Lady of Innuendo, (a squad known for their magnificent wordplay) can only go to the top from here. I

n case you aren’t familiar with INNUENDO, here it is, “if you aint with it, we In Ya Window, but if you wit it…In The End You Win Dough….. “ Catch phrases like those are not easy to manifest, but we introduce you to the Queen that is part of a movement that does just that…. Bonnie Godiva.

Source: RapBattleNetwork

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